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Our Foundation

Update: January 12, 2015

The Love From Margot Foundation was started to honor my wife Margot and the love she gave me. Margot Murphy was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in June 2002, when she was 29. She battled the disease until June 18, 2011. She was only 38.

When Margot’s friends and families think of her, the word LOVE comes to mind. Margot was full of love, and she passionately loved LIFE. I watched her live every day expressing love – and courage. I thank Margot for teaching me that all that really matters is love, now my heart’s desire is to love and serve. Thus, this foundation.

For the past three years I have personally met with over 100 men and woman fighting various illnesses. Our foundation has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial grants to these people in a hope to lighten their burden and to help them overcome their illness.

In addition, by the way of financial grants to our partners, Shanti Project in San Francisco, Highland Hospital in Oakland and Gilda’s Club in Palm Desert, we have helped hundreds more. I have personally done all of this work by myself with just one assistant.

It is impossible to not take on the pain and suffering that our clients are experiencing; at least for me. Along with the financial pressure of funding 90% of this work personally, it creates a great deal of stress.  As a result, I need to take a short break and deal with this physical and emotional stress I am feeling and  also work to secure more funding

I know with all my heart that very few non-profits are as pure as ours, if any. Our work truly is a labor of love and sacrifice; I am convinced more than ever that what our world needs now are generous souls who understand this concept. Dietrich Bonhoeffer stated, “A righteous man lives for the next generation”. I know this to be true and believe this concept is greatly needed today for humanity to continue to exist and evolve.

As a result, we will not be accepting any more grant applications at this time other than emergency situations from Highland Hospital; no exceptions.  I hope that this break will last only 2-3 months while I refuel on energy and money. When I return I will announce a plan and vision that excites me so much I can barely sleep at night because I am so excited about it, it’s a plan that will allow us to help so many more people.

If I had one wish it would be that others could experience the joy I have in assisting our clients; they may be poor financially but they are so rich in courage at times it overwhelms me. May our Creator bless you with great health and great love today and always.


In Love and Peace,

Mike Murphy